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Wafra Living Lighting Project


Wafta Real Estate




Supply & Installation




Indoor - Landscape - Facade

Step into the radiant realm of Wafra Living, a Kuwaiti architectural marvel where Al Sabah's expertise in lighting design breathes life into AGi Architects' innovative vision. Illuminating both private sanctuaries and communal spaces, our strategic lighting solutions enhance the building's aesthetic appeal and functionality. The interplay of light and architecture is showcased in the captivating double-skin facade, a testament to our commitment to innovation. With a focus on sustainability and energy efficiency, our lighting design aligns seamlessly with Wafra Living's environmental consciousness. In the era of the pandemic, the thoughtful illumination of communal areas underscores the importance of well-being in urban environments. Wafra Living stands as a shining example of our prowess in transforming spaces through the artistry of light.

Illuminating Urban Innovation

Lighting Integration

Wafra Living stands as a testament to innovative housing design in Kuwait, where lighting seamlessly merges with architecture to create a vibrant and functional living space. The lighting scheme, meticulously crafted by Al Sabah in collaboration with AGi Architects, plays a pivotal role in balancing contemporary needs with traditional norms.

Design Highlights

Balancing Privacy and Light: The high-rise structure is strategically set back from the street, with carefully designed cuts on the ground floors to optimize views for tower apartments while ensuring privacy.

Urban Integration: The building cantilevers off the ground, drawing street life into its core. The ground floor features accessible retail facilities, seamlessly integrating with the urban fabric.

Community Spaces: Lighting extends its influence to various communal areas, including gardens, pools, kids playing areas, squash courts, and public terraces. A specially designed High Square serves as a private communal area for all tenants, illuminated for leisure activities.

Innovative Lighting Solutions for Wafra Living

Double-Skin Façade: The aluminum mesh double skin climbing the internal facade not only provides a visually striking element but also conceals emergency routes and service spaces. Lighting is intricately woven into this design, ensuring a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Passive Design: Al Sabah’s lighting solutions contribute to the project’s commitment to sustainability. Passive design techniques and innovative materials maximize thermal insulation and minimize light consumption, aligning with the project’s environmental consciousness.


Pandemic Relevance

In the era of the pandemic, Wafra Living’s typology gains renewed significance. The emphasis on communal and public spaces, illuminated thoughtfully by Al Sabah’s lighting solutions, underscores the importance of well-being in urban environments.


Wafra Living, a socially driven, environmentally responsive, and behavior-conscious development, exemplifies our commitment to pushing the boundaries of lighting design. This project not only illuminates spaces but also becomes a beacon for the city’s future growth.