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Ghaseel Show Jumping

In Kuwait’s equestrian world, the Ghaseel Show Jumping Competition stands tall as the place where horses and riders alike show off their skills in a spectacular dance of jumps and turns. It’s not just an event; it’s the heart of equine excellence, where the connection between rider and horse is celebrated with cheers and applause. Ghaseel has become a must-watch on Kuwait’s cultural calendar, and each year it brings more excitement, more thrills, and a lot of hoof-tapping fun.

Event Edition3rd Ghaseel Show Jumping Competition
DateMarch 1-2, 2024
VenueKuwait Riding Center (KRC)
Participants450 Riders
Expected Attendance5000 Spectators

The Ghaseel Journey to Excellence

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Kuwait Riding Center

The stage for this grand spectacle is none other than the Kuwait Riding Center (KRC), a renowned hub for show jumping sports and events. Established in February 1996, KRC has been a trailblazer in providing a premium venue for equestrian pursuits, setting the perfect backdrop for Ghaseel’s 3rd Show Jumping event. Nestled in Sabhan, KRC is not merely a location; it’s a testament to Kuwait’s commitment to fostering a vibrant equestrian culture. With its state-of-the-art facilities and a history steeped in equestrian tradition, KRC unfolds as the canvas for the upcoming Ghaseel event, promising an unparalleled experience for participants and spectators alike.

Al Sabah Sponsorship

As the anticipation builds for Ghaseel’s 3rd Show Jumping event on March 1-2, the spotlight extends beyond the dazzling displays of horsemanship. Al Sabah General Electric takes its place as a proud sponsor, adding a touch of corporate excellence to an already illustrious event. The synergy between corporate support and equestrian brilliance promises an unforgettable experience, where Al Sabah’s commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with Ghaseel’s legacy of success.

In the heart of Kuwait’s equestrian fervor, Ghaseel Show Jumping emerges not just as a competition but as a cultural celebration, with Al Sabah’s sponsorship adding a unique touch of corporate prowess to this extraordinary event. As the riders and their majestic steeds take center stage, the fusion of Ghaseel’s equestrian elegance and Al Sabah’s commitment to excellence promises a truly magical experience for all who gather to witness Kuwait’s premier show jumping spectacle.