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Ministry Of Education Headquarters

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Indoor - Landscape

In 2015, Al Sabah General Electric took on a visionary role in illuminating the Ministry Of Education Headquarters, a monumental project commissioned by the Kuwait Government with a budget of 1,700,000.00 KWD. Al Sabah's rich legacy in lighting design became a beacon in the creation of an environment that aspires to shape the educational landscape of Kuwait. As the custodian of illumination for this architectural marvel, Al Sabah's commitment extends beyond providing light; it involves crafting an immersive experience that aligns seamlessly with the Ministry's lofty goal of positively influencing the future through education.

Geometric Configuration

Al Sabah‘s expertise in lighting design intricately intertwines with the building’s unique geometric configuration, inspired by a Dhow. The lighting projects play a significant role in accentuating the architectural features and ensuring that the geometric layout not only symbolizes cultural identity but also functions seamlessly for the Ministry’s administrative sectors and departments.

Atrium Design

The soaring inner atrium, exceeding 50 meters in height, is not merely an architectural spectacle but a canvas where Al Sabah’s lighting projects come to life. The nuanced interplay of light within the atrium contributes to the overall ambiance and impacts the daily work experience of the 3,800 employees, aligning with the Ministry’s goal of creating an inspirational environment.

Population and Parking Ministry Of Education Headquarters

Considering the population of 3,800 employees and parking capacity for 1600 cars, Al Sabah’s lighting projects extend beyond aesthetics. Illuminating parking areas, common spaces, and workspaces strategically contributes to a well-lit and secure environment, fostering a balance between functionality and visual appeal.