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Kuwait University, College Of Science And Faculty Club - Al Shadadiya Lighting Project










Indoor - Landscape

Embarking on the endeavor to contribute to Kuwait University's expansion, Al Sabah played a pivotal role in the lighting supply for the Kuwait University, College Of Science And Faculty Club project in 2015. With a budget of 1,500,000.00 KWD, this endeavor aimed to illuminate the expansive indoor and landscape spaces in Shadadiyah. While the project's sheer scale and academic ambition are commendable, certain aspects deserve critical examination to ensure optimal functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Site and Scale

The vast site area of 87,295 m2 and a gross area of 375,522 m2 signify an ambitious undertaking. Al Sabah's meticulous lighting design played a crucial role in enhancing the site's aesthetics and ensuring effective utilization, prompting a need for thoughtful adjustments to further elevate the user experience and optimize functionality.

Academic Segmentation

Dividing the colleges by gender may align with certain conventions, but it prompts reflection on the inclusivity of the design. Al Sabah‘s lighting projects within the academic segments set the tone for collaborative and dynamic spaces. Exploring opportunities for integrated areas could foster a more cohesive and progressive academic environment.

Sustainability Integration

While the College of Science is designed to LEED silver standards, Al Sabah’s expertise in sustainable lighting solutions becomes integral. A detailed examination of the efficiency and effectiveness of features such as photovoltaic panels and solar thermal systems is crucial to ensuring meaningful contributions to environmental goals.

Multifunctional Spaces

The integration of retail, food courts, auditoriums, and the Student Learning Resource Center signifies a holistic approach to student life. Al Sabah’s innovative lighting solutions in these multifunctional areas contribute to creating vibrant, dynamic, and versatile learning and collaboration zones.

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