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The Avenues Lighting Project


Al Rai Real Estate



Al Sabah proudly illuminates the iconic Avenues Mall, a testament to modern architectural excellence in Kuwait. In collaboration with Al Rai Real Estate, Al Sabah undertook the lighting project, contributing to the grandeur and vibrancy of this unparalleled shopping destination.
The Avenues, a jewel in Kuwait's architectural crown, redefines the landscape with its cutting-edge design and diverse districts. From the modern allure of 1st Avenue to the classic charm of The Gardens, each district weaves a tapestry of modern and timeless architectural styles. This world-class masterpiece serves as a haven for international and local brands, encompassing over 1,100 stores, high-end fashion outlets, exquisite dining options, and unique entertainment experiences.

Architectural Brilliance

The Avenues Mall stands as a symbol of architectural prowess, covering a vast land area of 360,000 sqm. Its multi-faceted design, featuring districts like Grand Avenue, SoKu, The Mall, and more, captures the essence of both modernity and tradition. Al Sabah's lighting expertise becomes an integral part of this architectural symphony, enhancing the visual appeal and ambience of each district.

Illuminating the Shopping Experience

Al Sabah's contribution to The Avenues goes beyond illumination; it orchestrates an experience. From the high-end allure of Prestige to the cultural richness of The Souk, our indoor lighting solutions create a captivating environment that complements the diversity and sophistication of the shopping and leisure offerings.

Scale and Capacity of Avenues mall

The Avenues' grandeur extends to its scale, featuring a spacious multi-level parking lot with a capacity for 13,000 cars. Al Sabah's lighting solutions seamlessly integrate with the vastness of this architectural marvel, ensuring that every corner is not just well-lit but exudes an inviting warmth.

the Avenues Mall Experience

As the mastermind behind the radiant glow of The Avenues Mall, Al Sabah seamlessly blends artistry and technology to illuminate every facet of this architectural gem. In collaboration with Al Rai Real Estate, our lighting project, with a budget of 75,000.00 KWD, transforms each district into a captivating canvas of light and shadows.

From the chic sophistication of Prestige to the cultural tapestry of The Souk, our indoor lighting solutions breathe life into the architectural grandeur of The Avenues. Embark on a visual odyssey through 12 distinctive districts, where light becomes a storyteller, enhancing not just the shopping experience but creating an enchanting atmosphere that lingers in the hearts of every visitor. Join us as we redefine illumination and elevate The Avenues to new heights of visual splendor!

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