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Arab Fund Organization Lighting Project









Al Sabah proudly presents its distinguished lighting project for the Arab Fund Organization, a beacon of economic and social development in Kuwait's Shuwaikh. In 2020, Al Sabah supplied cutting-edge lighting solutions in the Cove category, seamlessly integrating with the Arab Fund's commitment to transparency and feasibility. The Arab Fund's role as a model of Arab economic integration, providing concessional financing, and our expertise in Cove lighting, collectively illuminate a narrative of collaboration, excellence, and progress. This project symbolizes more than just physical illumination; it represents Al Sabah's dedication to contributing meaningfully to the Arab Fund's mission of fostering regional development and prosperity.

Development Principles of Arab fund organization

The Arab Fund operates with a commitment to meeting the development needs of its member countries while respecting their priorities and policies. Loans provided are concessional, featuring favorable financing conditions to facilitate the implementation of development plans. The interest rates and loan terms reflect the Arab Fund's dedication to supporting economic growth in the region.

Al Sabah's Contribution

Al Sabah played a pivotal role in the Arab Fund Organization project, supplying cutting-edge lighting solutions that complement the institution's vision. The Cove lighting category was strategically employed to enhance the architectural nuances of the space, creating an atmosphere conducive to collaboration, development, and excellence.


Beyond Lighting

Al Sabah's contribution extends beyond lighting; it becomes an integral part of the narrative of development, collaboration, and excellence that the Arab Fund embodies. The lighting design not only illuminates physical spaces but symbolizes the brightness of progress and shared prosperity.


The Arab Fund Organization project stands as a testament to Al Sabah's commitment to excellence and innovation in lighting design. As we illuminate spaces, we contribute to the broader mission of the Arab Fund, supporting the economic and social development that defines the essence of the Arab world.