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BUSINESS TO CONSUMER: We have created a solid and sustainable position in the marketplace by developing and working with customers on a one-to-one basis to ensure credibility and project a consistent image of our company and positioning our products and services to continuously maximize the company's potential in the increasingly competitive global market.

dedicated sales team

Al Sabah Electric has a strong retail presence with Showrooms and full-service distribution to the retail segment that includes institutional clients such as malls, banks, hospitals, hotels, cinemas, facilities management, real estate companies, consumer retail outlets such as hypermarkets and cooperatives.

CONSUMER GOODS: The unique aspect of our retail business includes a wide range of product selections well trained and equipped to showcase suitable high-quality products and lighting solutions for all kinds of requirements, be it a high wattage metal halide lamp used in mega industrial plants to a compact fluorescent lamp used as a table light.

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17553 Khaldiya, 72456 Kuwait




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خلف شارع خليفة الجاسم



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